Frequently Asked Questions

What should our first step be to get started?

When is the best time to take delivery of fall fruit?

When does our order have to be placed with Riversweet?

Do you over-ship any fruit with our order?

What discounts are we entitled to?

Are we responsible for unloading the truck?

Can we reach Riversweet during the evening or the week-end?

Can we "tag" our Citrus Sale with another Riversweet product?

Does Riversweet offer variety packs or other fruit types?

Does Riversweet offer Advertising Materials...Is there any cost?

Can we provide our own truck and save money?

Is there a minimum order?

Are the cartons of fruit color coded?

When do fall prices generally become available?

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Fall prices generally become available sometime between mid August and the second week of September.


Yes, in fact Riversweet was the first company to offer color coded cartons.

Our color codes are as follows:

Navels - Orange Cartons
Red Grapefruit - Yellow Cartons
Tangelos - Blue Cartons
Juice Oranges - Green Cartons
Mixed Navels and Grapefruit - Purple Cartons
Mixed Varieties have large color coded labels.


"Officially" our minimum order is 1/4 truckload. This equals 250 large cartons or 500 small cartons or any equivalent mixture of the two sizes.

We make every effort to deliver orders that fall below our minimum. These orders may require your group to be flexible with your delivery date and time.

The more advance notice you can provide the better. If you fail to make the minimum, then we will place your order on the first truck headed to your area that has room to accomodate your order.


We have a number of clients that have access to their own truck and driver and pick up their fruit every year.

We will deduct the freight charges from your bill if you pick up your own fruit.

We request that you provide a refrigerated tractor trailer to protect your fruit. A vented trailer can work if the driver intends to drive through the night on a short run (GA, SC or NC). sealed furniture or moving trucks.

We will provide your group with full color posters to help promote your sale.

We will also provide you with professionally designed, color brochures to help you collect your orders. You can download a copy of our citrus sale brochure from this page.

We will also provide you with a copy of our Leader's Guide that will include detailed instructions on how to promote and conduct your sale.

There is no cost for any of these materials.

Yes! Riversweet offers a number of variety packages that combine Navel Oranges, Red Grapefruit, D'Anjou Pears, and Red Delicious Apples.

Please check our "Fruit Products" page for a complete listing.

Your customers are our customers, and we believe in doing everything possible to provide them with the products and choices that they want so that they continue to return to you year after year.

By all means! Many of our clients sell another product along with, or right before, they conduct their citrus sale.

Home-style fudge goes very well with citrus because both products have become associated with the fall holidays.

Cookie dough also goes very well, although to maximize your sale, we encourage you to conduct your sale SEPARATE from your Citrus Sale. Cookie dough is a big seller and we have found that clients that sell cookie dough before citrus, simply have a much larger sale.

You will always be able to reach our personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Merely dial our toll-free number 1-800-741-0004. You will always reach a person, not a machine.

We understand that the vast majority of people that we deal with are VOLUNTEERS. We will do everything possible to assist you in any way. Please feel free to call us at anytime.

Never feel that "it is too late to call them". We will always welcome you call.

Yes. You must have an unloading crew available to unload your truck when it arrives. The truck will be a refrigerated tractor trailer and will not have any type of lift-gate.

The driver will supervise the unloading process and will assist you in counting the fruit. The driver, however, is not required to unload the truck. Please count the fruit while the driver is present.

We will provide you with a loading diagram that will show you where each piece of fruit is located on the truck and will. Please examine the diagram before you begin unloading the truck.

We would never pay for fruit "sight unseen" and we would not expect our clients to do so either. As a result, we offer you a 1 percent rebate if you can postmark your payment within ten days AFTER DELIVERY.

Most of our competitors require you to PREPAY in order to qualify for the same 1 percent discount.

We also offer a $200.00 Full Truck Discount to each client that sells a full truckload. A full truck is equal to 950 4/5 equivalent units.

Yes. We alway over-ship by one percent of your order. This will take care of any fruit that becomes damaged in transit.

We overship by one percent of each product and we round up at 50. For example, if you order 150 cartons of small red grapefruit we will ship you 152 cartons. If you order 149 cartons, then we will ship you 150.


We request that you place your order at least TWO WEEKS in advance of your desired delivery date.

Please keep in mind that if you sell less than a full load, we must coordinate your delivery with the deliveries of other clients. Nevertheless we will always try to deliver your fruit as close to the date and time that you request as possible.

You will receive the best fall fruit by scheduling your delivery to fall between Thanksgiving and the third week in December.

Please remember that if you sell less than a full truckload, we must coordinate your delivery with other clients. We always try to deliver each clients fruit order as close to their requested date and time as possible.

We will always provide you with advance notice as to when your fruit will arrive so that you can make appropriate arrangements.

Your first step should be to contact us at 1-800-741-0004. We will immediately forward you a copy of our Leaders Guide and a supply of sales brochures.

We will also supply you with a copy of our current price list and assist you in formulating the prices that you wish to charge for your fruit.