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10 lb Cartons and Bagmasters


10 lb. Cartons and Bagmasters

Riversweet Citrus packs both 10 lb (1/5 bu) cartons and Bagmaster Cartons.

A 10 lb carton holds one row of fruit. It contains from 9 to 12 Grapefruit or 10 to 16 Navel Oranges. As you would suspect, it weighs approximately 10 lbs.

A Bagmaster Carton is a large, craft colored carton, that contains either 5, 8lb mesh bags or 8, 5lb mesh bags. The bags are filled by Riversweet and can contain either Navel Oranges or Red Grapefruit. The Bagmaster carton protects the fruit during shipment. All you have to do when the fruit arrives is open the Bagmaster carton and hand out the bags. There is no bagging on your part.

If you decide to sell either of these products they will be the lowest priced items that you offer.

The 10 lb carton makes a nice presentation to your customers. The price per piece of fruit tends to be higher because of the cost of the carton. The carton costs nearly as much as a 20 lb carton and since there are only a few pieces of fruit in the carton, your customers are not receiving a "bang for their buck" with this item.

Bagmasters and mesh bags, on the other hand, are priced very economically and allow you to make a considerable profit while still giving your customers a good bargain for their purchase. The cost of a mesh bag is considerably lower than the cost of a 10 lb carton resulting in a lower cost per piece of fruit.

Please Consider the Following:

If you have never sold either of these products before, please think about the following and discuss it with your group.

There is a tendency for customers to go down your brochure and select the lowest priced item that you offer. This will result in many people who were prepared to purchase a 20 lb carton of fruit from you, (and who have been purchasing 20 pounds over the years) instead purchasing either a 10 lb box or an 8 lb bag.

We have seen clients volume actually decrease when they offered these items. Conversely we have seen increases in volume when they were discontinued. We remember, many years ago, watching clients volume decrease when the 20 lb box was introduced. Prior to that, everyone in America was accustomed to purchasing fruit in a 40 lb carton.

It is just something that you must consider in making your decision to sell these items. Some clients try to charge as much profit on a 10 lb box as they do on a 20 lb box. This makes up for the decrease in total volume, but it makes your customers (who are also our customers) pay an excessive price for each piece of fruit as they help to support your organization.

Some clients make their customers aware that they sell these items only after a customer states that "20 lbs of fruit is too much for me" and other clients offer these product separately at booths they maintain at county fairs and flea markets.

Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind that Riversweet is ready and able to supply whatever products you decide to sell. Our citrus brochure has been designed with spaces that will allow us to overprint these product descriptions if you decide to sell these products. Just give us a call and we will customize the brochure for you.