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Premium Service for Over 30 Years!

Our program has been designed to provide our clients with the highest quality products and service. We understand that you will be working with people who are volunteering their time, so our program is designed to minimize the time that your help will have to devote to the fundraising project. Our program has been developed over 30 years and incorporates feedback from hundreds of clients.

  • We ship only Premium USDA #1 citrus fruit from packing facilities located in Florida's world famous Indian River citrus district .

  • All of our products are shipped in refrigerated trailers and are guaranteed to arrive fresh.

  • Our products are travel from the tree to your table in the shortest period of time that the law will allow.

  • All products are shipped fresh. The only products that we maintain in cold storage are Apples and Pears which must be maintained at cold temperatures to maintain freshness.

  • We ship in color coded cartons so that you can easily distinguish one variety from another, thereby simplifying your distribution process.

  • We transport our products using private freight carriers, most of whom are able to track their trucks using the latest satellite systems.

  • We offer a quantity discount of $200.00 on all full truckload orders that are delivered to the same location.

  • If your group is able to postmark your payment within 10 days AFTER DELIVERY, we will issue you a rebate payment equal to 1 percent of your total order.

  • Our personnel are available to you 24 hours a day so that you may deal with us at the most convenient time for you. No need to wait until the next morning if you find you need any type of assistance with your program.

  • We encourage our clients to place their orders over the Internet to simplify the order taking process and minimize the possibility of errors occurring.

  • We prepare a loading diagram with each order so that you can locate each carton before you begin to unload your truck. This will reduce the amount of work you have to perform in unloading and counting your order.

  • We confirm each order in writing to minimize the possibility of any errors occurring. You will receive the written confirmation prior to your order being packed.

  • We ship mixed varieties as well as Apples and Pears so that you may offer your customers a wide variety of products.

Also, please consider that Riversweet has been supplying schools, churches and other non profit organizations with fund raising citrus for over 30 years. Our program is built upon the constant feedback and suggestions from clients such as yourself.

Our personnel are always just a toll free call away from you at any time. If you have a question or if a problem arises, we will always be there to take care of it RIGHT AWAY!

Please remember! No one ever walks away from Riversweet Citrus unhappy. If there is ever a problem, WE WILL ALWAYS MAKE IT RIGHT!

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