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Variety Packs


Variety Packs Will Add Pizzazz To Any Fruit Sale!

Variety Packs Are Among Our Most Popular Sellers Because They Create Satisfied Customers.

Variety Packs:

  • Allow Your Customer to Select Exactly the Varieties That They Want.
  • Can Be Used As Gifts.
  • Contain More than Just Citrus Fruit (Apples and D'Anjou Pears.)
  • Satisfy the Customer Who Does Not Want 20 lbs. of One Variety of Fruit.

Our Variety Packs Use Premium Sizes of Fruit and Make Welcomed Gifts.

  • Your Customers Will Love These Cartons.
  • You Will Be Surprised How Many People Will Want To Order Pears.
  • Trio Packs and Gift Box Are Packed On A Bed Of Excelsior.
  • Variety Packs Will Increase Your Sale and Have Your Customers Return Year After Year.

  • Red Trio - Contains Red Grapefruit, Navel Oranges and Apples
  • Pear Trio - Contains Pears, Navel Oranges and Apples
  • Holiday Pack - Contains Apples and Pears
  • Mixed and Gift Box - Contain Red Grapefruit and Navel Oranges

No one gives you as big a choice as Riversweet!

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